NFL star, Damar Hamlin’s family reveal player has suffered ‘lung damage’ after being resuscitated twice following on-field cardiac arrest

Update: NFL star, Damar Hamlin

Damar Hamlin’s family have revealed the player suffered ‘lung damage’ after being resuscitated twice following a collapse on the field on Monday night, January 2. 


The Buffalo Bills player, 24, is said to be ‘trending upwards’, but remains sedated in ICU around 36 hours after suffering a cardiac arrest on the field following a huge hit against the Cincinnati Bengals.


Speaking to reporters outside the University of Cincinnati Medical Center last night, Hamlin’s uncle Dorrian Glenn said: ‘Right now there’s just trying to get him to breathe better. Right now he’s on a ventilator just to help with the breathing. 


‘Like I said, we’re just going to take it day-by-day. I’m grateful for all the prayers and support.’ 


Glenn also revealed for the first time that the Bills safety was brought back to life not just once on the field, but also again in the hospital after being transported by ambulance.     


‘His heart had went out so they had to resuscitate him twice. They resuscitated him on the field before they brought him to the hospital and then they resuscitated him a second time when they got him to the hospital,’ he told CNN. 


‘They sedated him just to give a better chance for him to just continue to heal better. We are just taking it day by day. It seems like he’s trending upwards in a positive way.


‘He is still in ICU and sedated while they continue to administer medical treatment. I am thankful for the staff that have been working with him.


‘My nephew is humble. He is going to be floored by the love. He is a genuine, positive guy from the toy drive to his coaching clinic.’ 


Hamlin was immediately rushed to the hospital after being administered CPR on the field while surrounded by his horrified teammates, in the wake of a huge hit in the early stages of Monday night’s NFL game.


He is currently in critical condition with the sporting world left shocked by his sudden deterioration after landing a tackle on Bengals receiver Tee Higgens.


‘His heartbeat was restored on the field’ and he was transferred to the medical center ‘for further testing and treatment,’ the Bills team tweeted on Tuesday. 


On the field, he managed to get up briefly before falling backwards to the ground and laying motionless as an outpouring of support flooded in for the young player.


Meanwhile, the NFL revealed this week that the Buffalo Bills’ and Cincinnati Bengals’ game will not be rearranged for this week after Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. 


‘The NFL continues to be in regular contact with the medical team caring for Damar Hamlin, and also the Bills and Bengals organizations and the NFL Players Association,’ an NFL statement read Tuesday afternoon.


‘After speaking with both teams and NFLPA leadership, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell informed the clubs today that the Bills-Bengals game will not be resumed this week.


‘The NFL has made no decision regarding the possible resumption of the game at a later date.


‘The league has not made any changes to the Week 18 regular season schedule.


‘We will continue to provide additional information as it becomes available.’

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