Sometimes Life Changing Decisions Could Be Impulsive

Sometimes Life Changing Decisions Could Be Impulsive

Before the Covid 19 lockdown, Ayo bright was a hardworking and focused father of two with a dream banking job; all that was changed by the first wave of Covid- 19. Ayo’s career was abruptly put on hold by a mass retrenchment. In the days following his premature exit from the banking sector,  Ayo didn’t know what to do with his life… He idled away for months, thinking of what to do with his life. Just when his severance package dried up, something happened that changed his life for good.

It was the beginning of a new year and Ayo listening to a news broadcast on radio when a commercial began to air suddenly. It was a Facility Management training; as he listened to the commercial, his instinct told him to take note of the details. And as he followed his instinct, he found himself taking a new path; a new path that gave him a second chance at starting a great career in Facility Management. After,the commercial ended, he decided there and then that getting a recognized certification in Facility Management would be his new year resolution.  He didn’t waste time in applying for the MAX-MIGOLD Facility Management MasterCraft Training. The rest, as they say, is history.  

Today, Ayo is a fast rising Facility Management expert; with greater career prospects than he had in banking.          


Sometimes Life Changing Decisions Could Be Impulsive

MAX-MIGOLD Limited, a leading Facility Management Training Institute of global repute, recognized by Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) with ISO 1009- 2015 Standard Certification, is offering a three months Facility Management MasterCraft (FMMC) Diploma that offers you the soft landing and professional skill you need in Facility Management.

It will interest you to know that MAX-MIGOLD is not just a success driven but also a result oriented trainer that focuses on equipping you with employable skills as well as career-changing networking opportunities. Through the years, MAX-MIGOLD graduands have recorded 95% success rate in the job market. Little wonder MAX-MIGOLD Limited was recently issued an ISO certification by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). 


In the words of the Director General of SON, Farouk Salim, “Facility Management used to be an all comers affairs. That was before the Facility Management System certification was created. However a robust and globally recognized standard has been created and MAX-MIGOLD has fulfilled the due diligence. SON is already receiving information from your clients and graduands that your services are satisfactory. You are one of the very few certified Facility Management trainers in Nigeria”.     


Sometimes Life Changing Decisions Could Be Impulsive

Also, speaking to graduands of the 2022 Facility Management Master Craft (FMMC), Mr. Paul Erubami, Managing Director- MAX-MIGOLD Limited- said “We delayed the application of our ISO certification until we were satisfied at the standard of our process”. 


He also added that, “The quality of the programme and the documentation, auditing and certification is great. The training will make lifelong impact because as graduands, you will be mentored for life. You will also join the five hundred strong alumni association of the institute. The alumni association is positioned to be the biggest professional group in Facility Management in the continent of Africa”. Like Ayo, you too can seize the chance to start a rewarding career in Facility Management by joining the January 2023 batch of the MAX-MIGOLD Facility Management MasterCraft classes. 


MAX-MIGOLD’s FMMC is a three month course that offers you the solid foundation you need for a smooth career in Facility Management. The course modules cover the eleven  core competencies of IFMA Facility Management as well as the nineteen ProFM and IWFM knowledge areas including: Communication; Environmental stewardship and sustainability; Project management; Technology; Finance and business; Leadership and strategy; Human factors; Operations and maintenance; Real estate and property management; Quality;  Emergency preparedness and business continuity. Management as well as the Environmental steward and business; Lead Real estate and PR.


MAXMIGOLD’s FMMC has established a proven track record with certificates recognized by professional bodies like Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria (OGTAN), The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Center for Management Development (CMD). It comes with the added benefit of induction/ Acceptance into the Facility Management professional bodies such as AFMPN, The Nigeria FM Initiative. Graduands will also have First-Hand Information on new/recent jobs in Facility Management, Life-time Mentorship Program, Workshop/Field Trips for hands-on practical experience in Facility Management etc.        

Registration is currently open for the three months intensive classes (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 5pm – 7pm respectively) through zoom streaming and live participation for a global audience and an optional Saturday exclusive physical class (10am – 4pm).  Participants in recent classes have been from every part of Nigeria, Africa, and the Middle East.

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