Prince Harry writes about feeling ‘jealous’ when he saw his ex-irlfriend Chelsy Davy at the Royal Wedding

Prince Harry writes about feeling

Prince Harry has disclosed that he felt “jealous” when he saw his other men showing interest in his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy at  Prince William and Princess Kate’s Wedding in 2011.


Harry and Chelsy dated on and off from 2004 to 2010 after they first met in South Africa.


The Duke of Sussex recalled meeting her in his book “Spare”, “One night we talked about having some people over. For dinner. Just one small problem. We didn’t know anyone in Cape Town.


“But wait, that wasn’t completely true. I’d met someone years earlier, a girl from South Africa. At the Berkshire Polo Club. Chelsy. I remember her being… Different.


“Unlike so many people I knew, she seemed wholly unconcerned with appearances, with propriety, with royalty. Unlike so many girls I met, she wasn’t visibly fitting herself for a crown the moment she shook my hand. She seemed immune to that common affliction sometimes called throne syndrome.


“I’d always wanted to know what it might be like to meet a woman and not have her eyes widen at the mention of my title, but instead to widen them myself, using my mind, my heart. With Chelsy that seemed a real possibility. Not only was she uninterested in my title, she seemed bored by it. ‘Oh, you’re a prince? Yawn.’ “


They spent three days together, and then had their “first kiss under the stars.”


Harry and Chesly got serious—though they had their ups and downs when Harry was in the army.


Prince Harry writes about feeling


He wrote: “I recall one difficult chat. What were we doing? Where were we heading? She knew I cared about her. But she felt unseen. I am not visual. She knew how desperate I was to go to war. How could she not forgive my being a bit detached? I was taken aback.”


They ended up parting ways due to Chelsy not wanting a life in the public, but ran into each other at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.


“She and I weren’t in regular touch, which was why Willy checked with me before inviting her to the wedding. He didn’t want either of us to feel uncomfortable.”


The Duke of Sussex added that seeing her was “hard” and that “There were loads of feelings still there, feelings I’d suppressed, feelings I hadn’t suspected.”


He wrote: “I also felt a certain way about the hungry-looking men trailing after her, circling her, nagging her to dance. Jealousy got the better of me that night, and I told her so, which made me feel worse. And a bit pathetic.”


Harry and Chelsy remained friends and Chelsy was in attendance at Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.

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