Kate Middleton says ‘talking therapy’ is not right for everyone in first outing following Harry’s memoir release

Kate Middleton says

Kate Middleton has said that talking therapy doesn’t work for everyone, just two days after Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare, was released.


The Prince and Princess of Wales had their first public outing this year on Thursday, Jan. 12. 


Visiting various locations in Merseyside, William and Kate met several young adults at the Birkenhead-based Open Door charity, which provides access to arts-based therapeutic support. They spent time with Open Door’s volunteers, mentors and staff to hear about the progressive arts-based therapeutic models that have been developed to help young adults cope with mental health issues including anxiety and depression.


During the meeting, Kate commented that conventional types of therapy may not be beneficial to everyone.


Kate asked those at the meeting: “Has producing music and taking part in those workshops helped? Has it helped with your personal lives?”


One young person replied that using music as a tool helped him express his emotions.


He said: “Producing music and letting out what you’re feeling is better than saying it in a clinical atmosphere.”


According to The Sun, Kate replied: “Talking therapies don’t work for some people, they’re not for everybody. It’s so important to have a range of therapies.”


She added: “Everyone is talking a lot more about mental health. There have often been negative connotations around it. But if we get across that there are these more positive spaces and experiences out there, then we are changing how we talk about it.”


Her statement comes after the release of Harry’s memoir “Spare”, where he talks about his own therapy sessions, uses psychotherapy language including “trauma” and details his experiences with PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury). Harry even thanks therapists who helped him in the book’s acknowledgments.


Some have viewed Kate’s statement as a thinly-veiled response to claims made by her brother-in-law Prince Harry in his memoir.

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