‘It all happened so fast!’

'It all happened so fast!'

Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel has mocked Prince William and Harry in a hilarious skit showing two actors dressed as Princes squabbling in a kitchen. 


In the skit posted on Kimmel’s Twitter page on Friday, January 6, actors playing the Duke of Sussex and Prince of Wales are dressed up as pop legend Prince in velvet robes and purple feather boas as they reenact extracts from the memoir. 

‘Prince William’ shakes his hair dramatically as the fight begins, calling Harry a ‘w***er’. 

‘He came at me, and we tussled’, a voiceover quoting from Spare reads as the two begin to cat fight and slap each other with their eyes closed. 

‘I landed on the dog’s bowl, which cracked under my back, the pieces cutting into me,’ it continues as William twirls the necklace around and the dog bowl shatters into pieces. 

As Harry says he made William ‘face the music’, the actor pulls out a purple guitar and begins to play it with a pouting expression as William covers his ears in agony. 


The clip zooms in on a calendar dated 2018 with a picture of the Queen as the fight continues.

 Twitter users found it ‘hilarious’, while others said they couldn’t see past the ‘sad situation’ of the brothers’ frayed relationship.

The skit comes after Prince Harry claimed in a new book this week that William attacked him in feud over his and Meghan’s treatment.  


Watch the video below..


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