Intruder jumps from 8th floor of hotel building

Intruder jumps from 8th floor of hotel building

An intruder identified as Abdullahim Muktarhim, is now nursing injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) after jumping from the eighth floor of Salehe Hotel room on Koinange Street and landing on the rooftop of a nearby building.


The middle-aged man had intruded on a room paid for by one David Masala, around midday on Wednesday, January 11. 


At the time of the intrusion, Masala had gone to attend to a family member who was in the same hotel,but in room 804.


A police report read; 


“A male adult aged 40 who was of Somali origin namely Abdullahim Muktarhim on January 10, 2022, at around 6:00 pm booked room 802 at the Salehe Hotel along Koinange street where he spent the night.

“However at around 12 noon on Wednesday, January 11, 2023, he intruded on room 205 booked by Daniel Masala who at the time was attending to his family who was in room 804.” 


Upon getting back to the hotel after seeing his family, David discovered that his room had been locked from the inside. When he knocked, there was no response and he heard a loud bang. 


He alerted the management of the hotel who checked and found the victim who had jumped from the eighth floor of the hotel to the rooftop of the next building.


The report added; 


“On alerting the management, they found out that Muktarhim had jumped out from the room and landed on the roof of the Trust Mansion Building adjacent to the hotel.”


The fire brigade was alerted and they managed to rescue him. The intruder was then rushed to KNH where he is admitted in a serious condition as police commence investigations.

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