[Gist] Morell (Musa Akilah)

[Gist] Morell (Musa Akilah)

[Gist] Morell (Musa Akilah)
Musa Akilah
About Morell

Musa Akilah, known as Morell, born in Borno state in Northern Nigeria, is one of the singers who first brought hip hop music to the north. one of the songs that their star shines.

He is a person who is easy to deal with people, his voice is a gift that God gave him and I can say that among our current singers, it is very difficult to find a singer with a voice like him.

Morell is now working at Nordan Orty Entertainment, you know everyone who likes to listen to his drum and harp music. When he tried to respect the Hausa language over English, he studied at the University of Maiduguri. One of his most popular songs is known as “Anti Social” which he did with the famous Southern Nigerian singer Olamide.

Morell Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Songs, And Biography. The estimated net worth of Morell is about N25 Million Naira. He is one of the richest Hausa Rapper in Nigeria

Morell is a famous Rapper, Songwriter, Artist, Stage Performer in Nigeria. He is one of the best Hausa Musician from the northern part of the country.

The Nigerian Rapper became popular after releasing a single titled “Anti Social’ Alongside Olamide.


  • Real Name: Musa Akilah
  • Age: 30 years Old
  • Date of birth: 11th April 1991
  • Place of birth: Bauchi State
  • Origin: Borno State
  • Profession: Artist, Songwriter, Performing Artist
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Relationships Status: Not Married
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Net Worth: N25 Million Naira

Musa Akilah who is popularly known by his stage name as Morell is a notable Nigeria Songwriter, Stage Performer, Rapper from Borno State.
Morell was born on the 11th of April 1991 in Bauchi State. He was brought up by his father who is a policeman alongside his brothers and sisters.

Growing up in the state, Morell did both his primary and secondary School education in Bauchi before proceeding to the University where he studied Creative Art. Currently morell is a degree holder in creative art.

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Morell’s music career began right from his childhood age when he used to draw and make most of his family members Laugh often.

In a recent interview with premiumtimes, the Songwriter said he enjoyed anything entertainment during his early age and this made him develop interest and passion for music after listening to several Lyrics.

In 2013, Morell made his way into the music industry, he rose to stardom that same year for dropping a single “Anti Social” Featuring yourba rapper Olamide Baddo.

Morell have collaborated with prominent rappers in the industry like Naeto C, Rugged Man, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Terry The Rap Man, OD, Ain Mosini, Pherowshuz, And Others.

With over 50 songs to his credit, Morell has won several awards and recognition for his music in Nigeria. Some of his songs are…

Morell Songs:

  • Anti Social
  • Ganda
  • Kidawo
  • Haba
  • Soul
  • Melanin
  • 0411
  • Atikulated
  • Next Level
  • Farida
  • Fatima
  • Dankali
  • Inges
  • My My My
  • Till My End
  • Danna Musa
  • The One
  • Kaza Kaza
  • Arewa
  • An Kawo Wuta
  • Lagos
  • Television Kowa
  • Yanga
  • Hanan
  • Naira
  • Everywhere I Go
  • Safay
  • Aure
  • Ganga
  • Officer
  • Mulki
  • Haba
  • Na Dai na
  • Karo ta
  • Dankali
  • Mu Kade
  • Sarauniya
  • Ango
  • Mafarki
  • Dare
  • Algaita and others.

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